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Çay Keyfi

Why Localization Differs?

Localization goes beyond translation as it requires more than a word-for-word conversion. To achieve a good translation, content needs to be adapted to the target language so that it can be understood by native speakers. This adaptation includes not only the text, but also all other elements, which must be adjusted to fit the linguistic and cultural norms of the target audience. In a localization-focused translation, the tone, idioms and expressions used, button labels, and date/time/measurement formats should be tailored to the cultural nuances of the target audience. 


EN > TR and TR > EN Translation & Proofreading & Localization Service

Mobile Apps & Websites

Mobile Games

Survey & Questionairre

Book & Story

Business & Technical Documents

 E-Learning Materials and Course Documents Marketing & Promotion Materials 


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Turkish VoiceOver

Character VoiceOver

Animations & Cartoons VoiceOver 

Commercials & Ads VoiceOver

PR & Marketing VoiceOver

Video Games VoiceOver

YouTube Videos VoiceOver

Documentary & e-Learning Materials VoiceOver

Audio-book & Podcast Narration

GPS navigation & Tutorial VoiceOver

Mobile Apps VoiceOver

IVR Scripts VoiceOver

Bilgisayarda Yazma

Turkish Content Creation

Blog Writing

Creative Writing

Social Media

Editing and Proofreading

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Localization 

Speech Collection

Audio Validation




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